Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

At Vallis First School we take our Safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. This means that we ensure that everyone working in our school has successfully completed the necessary pre-employment and DBS clearances to enable them to work with children.

We also have staff members who are specifically trained and nominated as the designated Child Protection Officers (CPOs) within school. These staff are Nick Firkins (Headteacher), Jacky Ankerman (School Business Manager) and Adam Summers (KS2 Phase Leader)

We follow the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board guidance and have systems in place to share concerns regarding children’s welfare with our CPOs, parents and with relevant external agencies. Part of the legal duty to safeguard our children may also include us needing to consult specifically with and take advice from the Police or Children’s Social Care, should the need arise.

By working closely together as a staff and with our partner agencies, we firmly believe that we will offer a safe learning environment for all our children.

The safeguarding team are:-

Nick Firkins – Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jacky Ankerman – Deputy CP Officer
Adam Summers – Deputy CP Officer
Iestyn Lewis- Safeguarding Governor

We aim:

  • To inspire children in their learning through making it fun and relevant
  • To meet the needs of families and involve them in their children’s learning
  • To value children as individuals but to encourage them to recognise the needs of others
  • To help children to feel safe and to be happy and healthy
  • To give children access to the skills they need to enjoy life and achieve personal fulfillment
  • To involve children with the wider community