Parent & Family Support Advisor

All schools have a legal duty to ensure the safety and well-being of all the children in the school.

As a school we work hard to support parents and children whose families are experiencing difficulties and we work closely with support agencies to access help where parents request support. We currently have available a Parent and Family Support Advisor (PFSA) to whom families can refer themselves or be referred, who will offer help.  We also work with the local Children’s Centre to offer support to local families.

If you wish to speak to our PFSA – Joel Aylifffe – please contact the school office who will give you his contact details.

We aim:

  • To inspire children in their learning through making it fun and relevant
  • To meet the needs of families and involve them in their children’s learning
  • To value children as individuals but to encourage them to recognise the needs of others
  • To help children to feel safe and to be happy and healthy
  • To give children access to the skills they need to enjoy life and achieve personal fulfillment
  • To involve children with the wider community