Welcome to Vallis First School

We hold Forest School sessions in our Nature Area where we learn about nature and outdoor skills such as whittling, orienteering and woodcraft. We hold these sessions on our school site where we also concentrate on co-operative games, self-awareness and social skills.

We have an allotment near the river at Welshmill. The children enjoy planting, nurturing and harvesting the fruits and vegetables. We bring our produce back to school where it is shared among the classes who use it to introduce the children to new flavours by making delicious soups and stir-fries etc.


Outside area

We have a dedicated outdoor Forest School area where children can enjoy planting and looking after plants and wildlife. We have a pond which attracts frogs every year.


Inside area

Part of the Forest School area is sheltered and can be enjoyed all year round. Children love to study nature in our Forest School as well as develop their cooperation, self-awareness and social skills.

Forest School

Video Tour

We hope that you enjoy having a quick look around our Forest School area. It is packed full of interesting plants, animals and projects!

About our


Welshmill Allotments

Welshmill Allotments are a short walk down the hill from the school (The children get some good exercise on the way back!)

Our Allotment

We are so lucky to have our own allotment in such a vibrant community. We have a corner plot where we grow a variety of fruit and vegetables each year.

Fruit and Vegetables

Children learn so much from caring for their own plants. They also get to enjoy eating them!

Vallis First School

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