Our Staff

Senior Management Team: 
Mr Nick Firkins (Headteacher)
Miss Tracy Massey  (Assistant Headteacher and SENCO)
Mr Adam Summers (KS2 Phase Leader)
Mrs Kirsten Molloy  (KS1 Phase Leader)
Mrs Jo Higgins  (Foundation Stage Phase Leader)
Miss Jacky Ankerman  (School Business Manager)

Key Stage Two Team:
Mr Adam Summers
Mrs Sara Edwards
Mrs Naomi Frost
Miss Tracy Massey

Key Stage One Team:
Mrs Kirsten Molloy
Mr Adam Smith
Miss Alison Plumridge
Mr Kiernan Edwards
Mrs Rikki Holmes
Miss Rebecca Rutt


Foundation Stage Team:
Mrs Joanna Higgins
Ms Stephanie Rainford
Mrs Bridget Kerton

Office Team:
Miss Jacky Ankerman  (School Business Manager)
Mrs Sue Cobb  (Administration Assistant)
Mrs Lynette Latcham  (Attendance Officer)

Other members of school staff:
Mrs Claire Ashfield
Mrs Sarah Banbury
Mrs Sandra Blagdon
Mrs Hilary Boorer
Miss Elaine Breach
Miss Marie Brewer
Mrs Katie Bristow
Mrs Verity Clayson
Miss Catherine Cox
Miss Tamsin Davis
Miss Katie Dredge
Mrs Lin Graves
Mrs Sarah Howard
Mrs Debs Killah
Miss Karen McDermott
Mrs Holly McGruther
Mrs Rachel McPherson
Mrs Gwyn Merritt
Mrs Rachel Rumming
Miss Rebecca Rutt
Mrs Michelle Seviour
Mrs Wendy Smith
Miss Alison Sturgess
Miss Rosalyn Thomas
Mrs Christine Walford
Mrs Michele Williams

We aim:

  • To inspire children in their learning through making it fun and relevant
  • To meet the needs of families and involve them in their children’s learning
  • To value children as individuals but to encourage them to recognise the needs of others
  • To help children to feel safe and to be happy and healthy
  • To give children access to the skills they need to enjoy life and achieve personal fulfillment
  • To involve children with the wider community