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Our subject lead for Science is Ali Plumridge

“Science is not about finding the right answer; it’s about asking the right questions.” An Wang

As a scientist leaving Vallis First School, every child will: 

  • Have an enthusiasm and interest in science and a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. 
  • Have experienced a wide range of inspiring, science-based engagement and enrichment activities to include visits to explore the local area and visitors into school.  
  • Approach science tasks confidently and have developed secure scientific substantive and disciplinary knowledge which they can build on in middle school education.  
  • Be enquiry-based learners who can discuss, ask questions and explain their thinking using scientific language. 
  • See themselves as scientists and understand, and be inspired by the fact, that science is ever-changing and to recognise the importance of science in every aspect of their daily lives. 
  • Have respect for living things and the physical environment. 


Thinking like a Scientist…

Through all of our Science lessons, we ensure that there is a strong focus on teaching children the disciplinary knowledge that they need to think like a Scientist.


Vallis First School

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