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Our subject lead for History is Ruby Harrington-Cutts

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey

At Vallis First School, we want our children to love history. We want them to have no limits to ambitions and grow up with a passion for History in their lives and future careers because knowledge of the past helps us to understand the future. Our goal is for our children to develop a strong sense of the chronology of British history and to ignite an interest in and appreciation of the past – including why some people and events are significant because of the turning points they provided. Our pupils will study aspects of local, British, and ancient history every year. As a result of this, the children gain understanding of global historical development. It is crucially important that our children learn the ‘how do we know’ at the same time as the ‘what do we know’ and we put a strong emphasis on exposing children to a wide range of historical sources and artefacts. 

 At Vallis First School, we want to help students learn how to investigate, analyse and question. Giving the children a strong background knowledge in History will help our children to learn to value their own and other people’s cultures and identity in modern multicultural Britain. We believe that by giving students several opportunities to learn about History and enjoy it, they will become enthusiastic students of the subject for the rest of their lives


Thinking like a historian…

Through all of our History lessons, we ensure that there is a strong focus on teaching children the disciplinary knowledge that they need to think like a historian.

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