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Pupil voice at Vallis First School

Anti-bullying has been a termly focus at Vallis for the past few years. Currently 2 children from each Key Stage 2 class are chosen to be Anti-bullying ambassadors. These children help to plan anti-bullying weeks and run assemblies to introduce the activities to the rest of the school.

Some of the things we have done in these weeks include – team building games, mixing classes to play games, kindness activities including giving compliments and secretly being kind to children in class (children have to guess who is being kind to them), designing an anti-bullying superhero, singing happy songs and an anti-bullying march with the other Frome schools.

Ongoing resources include kindness certificates, sorry cards (for children to use to apologise) and worry cards (where children can write their worries if they find it difficult to talk to someone initially).

We want to build on our current practise of valuing children’s thoughts and ideas. In the coming year we will continue our project which will enable children to be more involved in a range of decision making, organisational aspects of school life and other key developments to improve our school. Children’s increasing involvement in all these areas is really valuable as they will feel ownership and be integral in the running of the school.

We are planning on running two councils this year:

Eco Council – Mrs Edwards

Well-Being Council – Mrs Rainford

A representative from each class will sit on these councils.

Examples and Photos

Goldfinch Class – Kindness Poem

Kindness is…











Owl Class – Kindness Poem

In my mind

I just want the world to be kind

At Vallis school you will find

All the children try to be kind

We would like to remind…

…everyone to be kind

You can always go behind

Let someone go first, that is kind

Go an extra mile

To make everyone smile

Vallis First School

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