Children’s Centre

We have a Community Room which is used by a number of services, including GETSET Services, to provide facilities for our children, parents and the wider community.

We currently host:-

Monday mornings 9-30-12pm – Stay, Play and Learn (GETSET service)

Tuesday mornings 9.30-2.15pm – Toy Library

Thursday mornings 9.30-11.30am – Health Clinic

We aim:

  • To inspire children in their learning through making it fun and relevant
  • To meet the needs of families and involve them in their children’s learning
  • To value children as individuals but to encourage them to recognise the needs of others
  • To help children to feel safe and to be happy and healthy
  • To give children access to the skills they need to enjoy life and achieve personal fulfillment
  • To involve children with the wider community